White Lightning
General Information
Real name: unknown
First Appearance: Impulse #4
Affiliations: None
Abilities: persuasion
Portrayed by: None

White Lightning was a supervillain and enemy of Bart Allen.

Biography Edit

White Lightning blazed into the town of Manchester, Alabama with a motorcycle, an attitude and a smile. Immediately, she set upon what would become a whirlwind crime spree. She established her own Internet website, which served as a recruiting station for those lucky enough to become members in her gang. She likewise held public rallies throughout the town, but they were always held at a secret location, and never at the same place twice. White Lightning recruited male underlings from the various high schools in the area, and there was never a shortage of agreeable young men who longed to ride in her shadow.

White Lightning's first mission in Manchester involved robbing a local public access television studio. She stormed onto the set in the middle of a Scooter the Funosaur telethon and held the plush-filled children's host at gunpoint. The local super-hero known as Impulse used his super-speed and ran down to the studio where he faced White Lightning and her goons. He managed to easily apprehend the untrained followers, but White Lightning succeeded in eluding his grasp.

Only a short time had passed before White Lightning met Impulse’s alter ego, Bart Allen. White Lightning held a public rally at the Manchester Fairgrounds and beckoned several eager teens from Manchester Junior High School into joining her gang. Dressed in civilian attire, Impulse attempted to infiltrate White Lightning’s gang as a new recruit. Lightning liked the boy's energy and enthusiasm, but had reservation about his usefulness to her operation.

White Lightning's next criminal venture involved raiding the nearby Minhota Reservation Casino. She made a showy entrance by crashing her motorcycle through the window and landing in the center of the gambling hall. Bart Allen was present and quickly changed into Impulse. One of the security guards withdrew his weapon and fired a shot towards the back of White Lightning's head. Impulse ran up to her and pushed Lightning out of harm's way. With that, the entire hall erupted into chaos. Impulse had to race around the room protecting innocent gamblers from Lightning’s goon-squad allowing the sultry villainess time to make her getaway.

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