The Renegades
General Information
Leader(s): Commander Cold
Current Members: Trixster
Weather Warlock
Former Members: Mirror Monarch
Status: Active
Base of Operations: 25th Century


The Renegades-1

The Renegades 25th Century Cops


In the 25th Century, the genius crimelord known as Professor Zoom perverted the legacy of The Flash to become the most feared criminal in Central City. Deciding to fight back, a team of police officers built costumed identities based on the weapons and powers of the infamous Central City Rogues, and fought back. When one of their own, Mirror Monarch, was killed by someone who appeared to be The Flash, The Renegades came to the 21st Century, to a time roughly 84 days before the point where it was committed, to bring The Flash in for questioning.

21st Century

The crew first appears in the present in order to arrest The Flash. The Renegades accuse The Flash of murdering Mirror Monarch. The Flash is shocked by the accusation because he has not killed anyone but the leader of the team says, "Not Yet." They admired The Flash for his heroism, and deeply regret having to arrest him. Despite their constant tries to arrest Flash, they consider this exercise among themselves for when they will eventually face Professor Zoom. The Renegades were on the verge of arresting The Flash, until a boomerang flew in the face of Commander Cold, and exploded the restraints Trixster and Heatstroke placed on him, to which they now have to deal with the return of Captain Boomerang.

Powers and Abilities

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  • While dealing with The Flash, Top has demonstrated some kind of hard-edge mentality. This may mark him as a "Maverick Cop", or indicate some kind of prior grievance with The Flash legacy.
  • Heatstroke is currently recuperating from something, which prevents him from taking off his armor in the field.
  • The six members seen so far as referred to as the "senior members" of The Renegades task force. No additional members have been seen; they may be themed around the senior members, or around other members of The Flash's Rogues Gallery.


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