The Flash
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General Information
Type: Monthly Series
Total Issues: 250
Published: June, 1987 - February, 2009
Creators: Mike Baron
Jackson Guice
Dan Panosian
Mark Waid
Mike Wieringo
Geoff Johns
Scott Kolins
Howard Porter
John Rogers
Duncan Rouleau


The Flash (Volume 2) is an ongoing series that focuses on the adventures of the third Flash, Wally West. It ran 233 Issues (Counting "#0," "#1/2," and "#1,000,000") from June, 1987 through March, 2006. During "One Year Later", it ended and made way for a New Flash Series, The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, which starred Wally's successor, Bart Allen. The Fastest Man Alive however, ended after a one year run, and as of Issue #231 in 2007, The Flash (Volume 2) resumed publication. It ended in February, 2009 with Issue #247. The Flash (Volume 3) began publication in 2010.

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