The Atom
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General Information
Real name: Ray Palmer
Media: The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Portrayed by: Brandon Routh
Jack Fisher (Young)
Equipment: O.M.A.C.
Transportation: O.M.A.C.



Ray Palmer also known as The Atom is The Founder and CEO of Palmer Technologies a company he created. Which was created from the old company of Queen Consolidated which he bought and he's also the Ex Boyfriend of Felicity Smoak who is his 2nd in Command at his company. He is also Currently a Member of Team Arrow as well and has helped out The Flash Family too. When he's the vigilante hero known as The Atom he wears a Military Exosuit Codename O.M.A.C. when out in combat.

The Atom and The Flash

Needing help improving his O.M.A.C. Military Exosuit he and Felicity Smoak travel to Central City to get help from The Flash Family and S.T.A.R. Labs. He meets everyone especially Barry Allen also known as The Flash but also gets along and become good friends with Cisco Ramon while working on the suit together. While taking a break from working on the suit he gets thrown into by Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen an awkward situations that is going on with Iris West and Eddie Thawne. Trying to be nice and helpful all of the them go out to dinner but the night turns awful for various personal reasons and ends quickly. However sometime later the Villain known as Bug Eyed Bandit is causing trouble throughout Central City and plans on attacking Tina McGee. He, Felicity Smoak and The Flash Family work together and stop the attack and quickly find and capture Bug Eyed Bandit. After stopping his 1st Villain and thanking The Flash Family and S.T.A.R. Labs for all their help with improving his suit he and Felicity Smoak return to Starling City.

The Atom Rogues Gallery

Having successfully battled and stopped his 2nd Villain The Metahuman known as Deathbolt he delivers him to The Pipeline located at S.T.A.R. Labs. Having Deathbolt successfully captured and contained he and and Cisco Ramon begin to learn about the Villains Origins and question him on how he got his Metahuman Powers. The two soon learn he wasn't in Central City the night of The Particle Accelerator he was in fact in Opal City. Upon learning this the two are left wondering how Deathbolt ended up getting his Powers.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Business Management:
  • Computer Operation:
  • Charisma:
  • Genius Level Intellect:
  • Mechanical Engineering:
  • Theology:


The Flash

Legends of Tomorrow



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