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General Information
Real name: Barry Allen
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Grant Gustin
Andre Tricoteux
Tobin Bell (Voice)
Tom Felton
Nicholas Gonzalez
Vanessa Williams
Equipment: Philosopher's Stone



Barry Allen also known as Savitar is The 1st Metahuman Speedster known in The Multiverse to have ever connect to The Speed Force known to many other Speedsters as The God of Speed or The God of Motion. He is The Founder and Leader of The Thunderbolt Agents‎‎ a criminal Cult who refer to him as The Dark Lord. He Leads The Cult through his Avatar Doctor Alchemy who uses The Philosopher's Stone which gave him his Powers to give other Metahumans Power as well to grow an army of followers under his command.

Powers and Abilities


  • Speed Force Connection: Savitar was seemingly enhanced by The Philosopher's Stone, Savitar became the first man ever connected to The Speed Force. His power in its usage vastly exceeds all other known users to the point that his potency made him claim to be a god and the "ruler" of The Speed Force.
    • Superhuman Speed: Savitar possesses vast superhuman speed. While moving, he is completely invisible to the human eye.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Savitar possesses superhuman reflexes that allow him to easily react to other Speedsters.
    • Superhuman Agility: Savitar possesses inhuman agility, allowing him to change direction immediately and easily maneuver while moving at immense speed.
    • Superhuman Strength: Savitar possesses strength much greater than a normal human, as he was able to effortlessly lift and pin The Flash to a wall with only one hand.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Savitar's body can handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress.
    • Teleportation: Savitar is able to open breaches with his speed, allowing him to instantly transport him and anyone he is carrying across vast distances without occupying the space between.
    • Increased Perceptions: The Speed Force grants Savitar enhanced senses that allow him to see, hear, smell, touch and/or taste at an increased speed and understand it as it is processed, as well as easily perceive other speedsters.
    • Electrokinesis: While moving at superhuman speeds, Savitar generates large amounts of blue lightning from his body.
    • Geokinesis: Savitar can seemingly cause tremors, due to his immense superhuman speed.
    • Invisibility: Although it is unclear how, even when not using his speed, Savitar could not be seen by others, minus The Flash.
    • Possession: Once establishing a strong enough connection to a person, Savitar is able to completely overshadow their actions, turning them into his pawn.
    • Telepathy: Savitar can telepathically communicate to others and project illusions that only they are capable of seeing.



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