General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: The Flash Vol 2 #84
Created by: Mark Waid
Barry Kitson



Razer was a very large man who wore a suit coated completely with lubrilon, an experimental near-frictionless chemical polymer, a thousand times more slippery than teflon. The suit was able to slough off any force directed against it. He also wielded circular lubrilon discs that could cut through anything. In his gloves were rows of spikes that allowed him to hold onto things, since otherwise anything would slip away. The youngest brother of the three-brother Valentine Group, a group of developers who were working to build many things in Keystone City, was Art Valentine. He always felt mistreated by his two older brothers, Charlie and Ben. Therefore, he hired Razer to destroy several of the Valentines' developments. However, he pointed the blame for Razer elsewhere, on former Valentine co-worker, partner and chief architect Klaus Norwood, whose increasingly surreal and unstable designs caused his dismissal from the group. He had sworn revenge, and Art used Norwood as the perfect scapegoat, killing him, and hiding the body in Norwood's futuristic mansion.

Villain of The FlashEdit

Razer's first target was the Valentines' trendy new Galleria, a disaster which The Flash arrived at to divert. Wally got distracted saving the passengers in a plummeting elevator, and Razer got away. A victim of this incident who was not saved, however, was Allison Armitage, a mall employee whose face was badly burned and lost her legs in a fire caused by Razer. She would later get caught up with Abra Kadabra and sue Wally for negligence. Razer next appeared in an area of Keystone's downtown which had been "gentrified" by the Valentine group, remodeled to look like the earlier part of the 20th century. After beating Wally up pretty badly, Razer got away when Flash was saving a nearby cable car full of people. Razer's next target was a riverside warehouse district, another Valentine development. Wally finally defeated him here, sending Razer flying into the side of a tar truck. Meanwhile, Linda Park had gotten a confession out of Art Valentine. Razer was later hired by Prometheus to plant an explosive device under the bridge that connected Central City and Keystone City. He was tracked down and defeated by The Flash and Batman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • Lubrilon-Coated Suit


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