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General Information
Real name: Jared Morillo
First Appearance: Flash #165
Created by: Geoff Johns
Affiliations: The Rogues
Portrayed by: Stephen Huszar



Plunder was the mirror world version of Detective Jared Morillo. He was the exact opposite in personality to his counterpart as well as an opposite occupation. Flash journeyed to the mirror world once and fought Plunder who was out to kill him for money. The Fastest Man Alive managed to escape from the demented world but unknown to him at the time, Plunder also managed to make his way out of the mirror world. Once in the real world, Plunder joined Blacksmith's Rogues and his objective was to help ruin Flash's life by attacking his loved ones. His first target was Flash's best friend, Chunk, whom he shot with a special bullet that made Chunk's powers flare and turned him into a living black hole. Flash saved his friend and Plunder went after his next victim, this time his own reflection, Jared Morillo. He attacked and killed Jared, replacing him and taking his job as detective. He was successful in his role for quite some time until Morillo's partner, Fred Chyre, realized he wasn't the real Jared. Plunder then revealed himself to be the doppleganger of Morillo and incapacitated Chyre, bringing him to where he had buried the real Jared. Just as he was about to kill Chyre, Jared emerged from the grave, having acquired a heightened healing factor after being stabbed by the villain, Cicada. Jared and Fred managed to defeat Plunder. Plunder returned soon after, having followed them, this time with his ally, Murmur, helping him. They were both thrown out the window of the apartment they were fighting in but both survived. Plunder dissapeared for a long while until he returned with the rest of the new generation of Rogues under the control of The Top. They fought the older Rogues and Flash in an all out war for Central City. The Top was killed by Captain Cold and his control over them wore off but Plunder and the others continued to fight the Rogues for old grudges. Zoom arrived and told Plunder that he didn't belong in this world and that he should go home. He crashed into Plunder, shattering him and supposedly returning him to the mirror world.

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