Manfred Mota
Manfred Mota
General Information
Real name: Manfred Mota
First Appearance: The Flash 50th Anniversary Special
Created by: Mark Waid
Affiliations: TBA
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Manfred Mota was a physicist who built a battlesuit powered by atomic energy using materials he had stolen from Jay Garrick's lab. He adopted the identity of Atom Smasher and began committing crimes, but was apprehended by Garrick. At some point, Mota met a woman surnamed Perez, with whom he had a daughter, Valerie. Decades later, he reappeared, now named Professor Fallout, but was apprehended by another Flash, Barry Allen. He battled the third Flash, Wally West, years after that under the alias Fusionn. This encounter left Mota without a physical form. He eventually kidnapped his daughter, Valerie, in hopes of creating a new body for himself using her genetic material and advanced technology from the future, provided by Inertia. Inertia betrayed him however, and attempted to destroy him in an explosion. Mota survived the blast and went to Val to apologize, claiming that he had decided to focus his energy on revenge against speedsters. The newest Flash (and Val's boyfriend), Bart Allen, arrived and captured him. He was sent to Iron Heights. Centuries later, Mota battled the Flash of that era, John Fox.

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