Kid Flash
General Information
Real name: Wally West
Media: Teen Titans
Portrayed by: Michael Rosenbaum
Equipment: None
Transportation: Running


Kid Flash first appeared when the Teen Titans were off battling the Brotherhood of Evil. In their absence, the Hive Five—a team of six teenage super-villains led by Jinx—tried to ransack the city, only to be stopped by the “fastest kid alive.” Kid Flash immediately took an interest in Jinx, trying to convince her to ditch her useless teammates and make a name for herself as a hero instead of a villain. Jinx also took an interest in Kid Flash: she figured if she could capture him, the Brotherhood of Evil might let her join. In the end, neither got what they wanted, and Kid Flash’s easy escape cost Jinx points with Madam Rouge. But the two teens on opposite sides have at least respect for each other, and Kid Flash seems to still have a soft spot for Jinx.


  • Eventually, Jinx did join Kid Flash in a battle against almost all of the Teen Titan's enemies alongside the other Titans.


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