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Kid Flash refers to five characters that are simply young Flashes with the Superhuman Speed ability. Many Kid Flashes later go on to be The Flash.

Wally West

Wally West, Silver Age Kid Flash, founding member of the Teen Titans, and current Flash.

Bart Allen

Bart Allen, most recent Kid Flash, briefly served as the Flash, now deceased. He returns to life in Legion of Three Worlds

Wally West II

Wally West II is the son of Daniel West, Rudy and Iris' brother. He is also the original Wally West's cousin. After the first Wally was erased from existence, the second Wally was born. Wally West II is the current Kid Flash.

Kid Flash (Justice Riders)

Quick-draw artist Kid Flash of the Old West.

Iris West

Iris West, daughter of The Flash (Wally West).


S'kidds'kakoth, Savothian Flash sidekick.

Powers and Abilites

They all have the Power of Superhuman Speed.

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