Josh Jackam
Josh Jackam-2
General Information
Real name: Joshua Jackam
First Appearance: The Flash (Vol 2) #170
Created by: Geoff Johns
Scott Kolins
Portrayed by: Reina Hardesty



Josh Jackam Born Joshua Jackam was the Metahuman son of Julie Jackam, and Mark Mardon and great grandson of Joe Jackam. As a single mother and a police officer at the Keystone City Police Department, Julie had an old lady called Rita to look over her son until she went back home at evening. After Julie's death, Officer Fred Chyre decided to take care of Josh, as he had great appreciation for his mother and also because Julie never told anybody who was Josh's Father. Chyre also asked Rita to look over Josh while he was working, but eventually Josh started showing some signs of Weather Manipulation Powers.

Son of The Weather Wizard

Originally believing his Father was The Flash it was eventually revealed that Josh's father was in fact The Weather Wizard, which explained the reason behind his unusual powers. His Mother first met his Father not knowing who he real was during a time when she was depressed. Once she learned who his Father real was she kept him hidden and made a constant effort to make sure he had a normal life. When his father learned of his existence, from the villain Blacksmith he tried to retrieve Josh with the sole intention of learning the source of his powers. Mardon wanted to dissect Josh and for this reason, he was stopped by The Flash and Detective Jared Morillo while his wife, Linda Park protected Josh. After that event he was sent to live with his paternal grandmother.

Final Crisis

During the events of Final Crisis he was captured by Libra to try and force The Rogues to work for him and his organization. Not interested in joining him The Rogues had a standoff between him and Kid Zoom. However during the standoff he was soon killed by Kid Zoom to end the standoff. After his death his Father and The Rogues killed Kid Zoom in revenge of his death.

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