Johnny Quick
Johnny Quick Jonathan Allen and Atomica
General Information
Real name: Jonathan Allen
First Appearance: Justice League (Vol 2) #23
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ivan Reis
Affiliations: Crime Syndicate



Jonathan "Johnny" Allen was a high-profile criminal, on the run with his equally criminal girlfriend, "Rhonnie". Cornered on the roof of Central City STAR Labs, Allen was struck by a bolt of lightning which shattered the roof. The duo fell in the labspace below, with Allen landing amid the chemicals. Something in this incident granted him super-speed, and he went on to become a super-criminal alongside his girlfriend who had been empowered also. "Johnny Quick", as he now called himself, ran through Central City, answering to no-one until the Day the White House burned. Around the time of Darkseid incursion onto Prime Earth, the being that had destroyed Ultraman's Krypton came to Earth, and an alliance of super-criminals formed to find a way to safety. Little is known of Johhny Quick's activites since then, until Alfred Pennyworth, who had managed to come through, engineered an escape for them.

Forever Evil

Once on another Earth, the Crime Syndicate imprisoned most members of the various Justice Leagues in the Firestorm Matrix and began a reign of terror, eliminating any opposition. Johnny and Atomica took the lead in gleefully eliminating any who resisted, and Johnny single-handily dealt with the Teen Titans by sending them into the future, and he and Atomica murdered the first iteration of the Doom Patrol.[citation needed] However, when they came up against the Injustice League, things were different. Johnny attacked Captain Cold, whose counterpart he had tortured on his own world. Johnny disarmed him of his cold-gun, but had underestimated his foe, as Cold could trigger the gun with his voice. He froze one of Johnny's legs, then kicked it, shattering it. The crippled Johnny tried to crawl away, but was killed and had his powers stolen by the Syndicate's prisoner Mazahs. Atomica didn't last much longer than her lover, as she was stamped on by Lex Luthor.

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