Jay Garrick
Flash Jay Garrick YJ
General Information
Real name: Jay Garrick
Aliases: The Flash
Portrayed by: Geoff Pierson
Appearances: Young Justice


Early Life

Jay gained the power of super speed in a freak lab accident at Lampert laboratories. He became the Flash, the fastest man alive. He was a founding member of the Justice Society of America. In 1945, at the base of the All Star Squadron at the site of the New York World's Fair, The Flash was a witness to the death of the heroine Firebrand. Firebrand blocked a shot from Dragon King aimed at him. With the other members of the Society, he publicly inducted Red Tornado into the group. He married Joan in 1946. He eventually went into semi-retirement in 1951. Jay met Barry Allen around fifty years later, and announced his official retirement as the Flash when Barry started his career as the Flash a year after that.

Young Justice

In Young Justice #11: "The Pit...", Jay attended the funeral of Kent Nelson at the Tower of Fate.

In "Downtime", Jay and his wife, Joan, attended his birthday party at the home of Rudy and Mary West. Also attending were the Wests' son, Wally, as well as Barry Allen and his wife Iris. Both Wally and Jay were shown up by Barry's manners and helpfulness at cleaning the table, something they rarely did. Also, Wally ate all the ice cream.

Young Justice: Invasion

In "Bloodlines", Joan and Jay were invited to the Allens' house to celebrate their seventieth wedding anniversary. Like everyone else, he was surprised to see the unexpected guest Bart Allen, or Impulse. Bart, Barry and Wally went off to fight the new threat Neutron. Jay stayed behind, but decided to go after them. He figured Joan would chastise him for putting on his costume, but felt it necessary to help Barry out. With Kid Flash, he carried the two other speedsters out of Neutron's blast radius. The Flash did not like his predecessor being active again, but Jay shrugged off the criticism. After Impulse had stopped Neutron's rampage, he claimed he was ready to go back to his own time. Jay accompanied Bart and Barry to the Cave to see him off. Impulse got back in the time machine, but it didn't work.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super speed: Jay Garrick's main ability is being able to run at superhuman speeds. Comments by his wife, Joan, suggest that his speed has diminished with age.


Young Justice

  • "Downtime" (no lines)
  • Young Justice #5: "What's the Story?" (flashback, no lines)
  • Young Justice #11: "The Pit..." (no lines)
  • "Humanity" (flashback, no lines)

Young Justice: Invasion

  • "Bloodlines"

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