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Impulse refers to two known characters, Kent Shakespeare of the Legion of Superheroes and a name adopted by Bart Allen before becoming Kid Flash.

Kent ShakespeareEdit

A former medical student in the 30th century Metropolis University who gained metahuman abilities after being exposed to an experimental virus. His heightened speed, strength and recuperative abilities gained him a membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes under the code-name Impulse. The situation on Earth and the subsequent disbanding of the Legion forced him to leave Earth. He enrolled as a medic in the Braalian forces in the war between Braal and Imsk and was present at the battle of Venado Bay where Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy) lost his powers. He rejoined his former teammates when the Legion was reformed in 2994 but was later de-aged to infancy by Glorith.

Bart AllenEdit

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Adopted the name Impulse before become Kid Flash and later The Flash.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kent had heightened Speed, strength and recuperative abilities.

Bart had superspeed.

Other MediaEdit

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