Henry Allen
Henry Allen John Wesley Shipp-3
General Information
Real name: Henry Allen
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: John Wesley Shipp



Henry Allen also known as Doctor Henry Allen is the late Husband of the late Nora Allen and Father of of Barry Allen. He's a Former Member of The Flash Family and was good friends with Joe West and his Family. When his son was young his Mother was was killed by Professor Zoom which he was framed for his Wife's murder resulted him spending years in Iron Heights Prison. However after the defeat of Professor Zoom he was released once the Villain confessed to his Wife's murder making him a free man. However months later after living his life again a free man his son came to him asking for advice in help in his war against a Metahuman Speedster known as Zoom. Tragically he was killed by Zoom right in front of his son and in the family home where his Wife was killed as well many years ago.

Powers and Abilities


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