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Gregory Wolfe
Gregory Wolfe Pre FlashPoint.jpg
General Information
Real name: Gregory Wolfe
First Appearance: The Flash: Iron Heights
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver
Affiliations: Iron Heights
Portrayed by: Anthony Harrison
Richard Brooks
Hartley Sawyer



Gregory Wolfe also known as Warden Gregory Wolfe or Warden Wolfe is the current Warden of Iron Heights Prison located in both Central City and Keystone City.

Pre FlashPoint

The warden of Iron Heights Prison, Gregory Wolfe hates the inmates passionately, and is dedicated to ensuring they do not escape not just for the safety of the general public, but to make the lives of his prisoners, particularly the 'Rogues' who have faced the various heroes called the Flash over the years, utterly miserable. He is keen to ensure that prisoners with particularly powerful metahuman abilities are kept in such a way that they cannot escape, and he simply does not care if this also causes them physical or psychological pain. His attitude has earned him a degree of contempt from police and the Flash, but they accept his authority due to the necessity of keeping the Rogues contained.

Post FlashPoint

Gregory Wolfe is the no nonsense warden of Iron Heights in Central City, keeping an eye on the criminals captured by The Flash. Unlike the Flash who sometimes sympathizes with his rogues gallery, Wolfe is very cold hearted to anyone who breaks the law and ends up in his captivity.

Powers and Abilities


  • Biokinesis: Wolfe is able to cause a muscular spasm in people who are physically close to him. This spasm is painful and, depending on the person subjected to it, can be incapacitating. However, he can also loosen muscles as well; when he and Hunter Zolomon were trapped in Iron Heights during a prison break, Wolfe was able to use his powers to lessen the pain in Zolomon's injured knee so that he could run.


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