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General Information
Type: Limited Series
Total Issues: 5
Published: May, 2011
Creators: Geoff Johns
Andy Kubert


There's a fissure in time that is leaving repercussions in the past, present, and future. Barry Allen must find the FlashPoint before it destroys all time. FlashPoint is an event focusing on Barry Allen and the rest of the Flash Family's efforts to fix the fissures in time, made by unknown forces. It was first mentioned in the sixth issue of Geoff Johns's The Flash (Volume 3), and will later be seen in a five issue mini series Written by Geoff Johns and Drawn by Andy Kubert in May 2011.

FlashPoint SeriesEdit

FlashPoint Volume 2Edit

Everything You Know Will Change in a FlashEdit

FlashPoint: Kid Flash LostEdit

FlashPoint: The World of FlashPointEdit

Whatever Happened to Gotham City?Edit

FlashPoint: Batman Knight of VengeanceEdit

FlashPoint: Deadman and The Flying GraysonsEdit

Whatever Happened to the World’s Greatest Super Villains?Edit

FlashPoint: Citizen ColdEdit

FlashPoint: Deathstroke & The Curse of The RavagerEdit

FlashPoint: Legion of DoomEdit

FlashPoint: The OutsiderEdit

Whatever Happened to The Aliens?Edit

FlashPoint: Abin Sur The Green LanternEdit

FlashPoint: Hal JordanEdit

FlashPoint: Project: SupermanEdit

Whatever Happened to Science & Magic?Edit

FlashPoint: Frankenstein & The Creatures of The UnknownEdit

FlashPoint: Secret SevenEdit

Whatever Happened to Europe?Edit

FlashPoint: Emperor AquamanEdit

FlashPoint: Wonder Woman and The FuriesEdit

FlashPoint: Lois Lane and The ResistanceEdit

FlashPoint: Grodd of WarEdit

FlashPoint: Reverse FlashEdit

FlashPoint: Green Arrow IndustriesEdit

FlashPoint: The Canterbury CricketEdit

FlashPoint: Booster GoldEdit


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