Dawn Allen
Dawn Allen
General Information
Real name: Dawn Allen
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #373 (October, 1968)
Created by: Jim Shooter
Win Mortimer



Dawn Allen was the daughter of Barry and Iris Allen, conceived in the 30th Century after her father's retirement, but born after his death in the first Crisis. She and her twin brother Don inherited a fraction of his speed. Since they never knew their father, they often felt jealous of their cousin Wally West, to whom Barry was a father figure. Because of the policies of Earthgov, which was known for exploiting metahumans, and the rampant xenophobia that existed on Earth prior to the the establishment of the United Planets, Iris encouraged her children to hide their powers. When Wally arrived in their century after being lost in time following a battle with Savitar, he was shocked to learn that they were not using their speed to fight crime. They sprang into action, however, to save Wally from a mob he had unsuccessfully tried to stop from lynching an alien. The twins subsequently lent some of their Speed Force energy to Wally to help him get back to his own time. Wally's visit no doubt had an affect on the Allens, as they later began operating as the super hero duo the Tornado Twins.

Family Life

Dawn eventually married Jeven Ognats, and had one daughter, Jenni, who became a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes as XS. Shortly after Jenni's birth, their family was attacked by the villainous Professor Zoom. They, along with Don's family, attempted to flee to a parallel Earth using the Cosmic Treadmill. However, Zoom sabotaged the device, causing an explosion which created a rift in the Multiverse. Zoom was ultimately defeated by an army of three different Legions of Super-Heroes, but Dawn and her family were subsequently stranded on Earth-247. Dawn and her brother sacrificed their lives to protect Earth from the Dominators.

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