Claudio Mardon
Claudio Mardon
General Information
Real name: Claudio Mardon
First Appearance: The Flash (Vol 4) #10
Created by: Francis Manapul
Brian Buccellato
Marcus To
Ray McCarthy
Affiliations: Mardon Family



Claudio Mardon was the younger brother of Marco Mardon and the husband of Elsa Mardon. After his big brother left the family for two years he was left it charge of the family empire but during that time he began to get in over his head and in trouble trying to run and maintain the empire.


While trying to call his big brother for help he was gunned down by an unknown person while still on the phone. While the case was being investigated by Patty Spivot, The Flash and his big brother it was soon learned that he was killed by his wife Elsa Mardon because she felt he was running the family empire into the ground. In raged by this news and sadden by the loss of his younger brother Marco Mardon tries to take his own life and Elsa Mardon's as well by use of his Meta Human powers of controlling the weather. He soon summoned lighting down to their location but in the end he survived where as Elsa Mardon died. Within seconds Glider arrived to ask Weather Wizard to come back to The Rogues.

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