Captain Cold
Captain Cold YJ
General Information
Real name: Leonard Snart
Appearances: Young Justice


Young Justice

In "Independence Day", Captain Cold attempted to rob a jewelry store in Central City. Kid Flash stole his cold gun and The Flash knocked him out.

In "Terrors", after being captured, Captain Cold was sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary. He assisted in Icicle Sr.'s breakout attempt, but was taken out of when his inhibitor collar was reactivated.

In "Coldhearted", after five mysterious ice fortresses covered the United States with a blanket of snow, Batman and Flash suspected Captain Cold and the other ice-villains were involved. Hugo Strange told them they had been, and still were, in their cells. However, Captain Cold was in fact responsible for powering one of the fortresses.


  • Cold Gun: Captain Cold's primary weapon is his cold gun which allows him to shoot icy beams that create an ice mass large enough to encase entire cars.


Young Justice

  • "Independence Day" (Part 1) (no lines)
  • "Terrors" (no lines)
  • "Coldhearted" (no lines)

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